To support his artistic studies, Ali Murat Erkorkmaz has always been together with commercial ads productions both for TV, cinema and print media. He has formed ad agencies in Turkey and in Bahrain with brances that extend to Sri Lanka, India, Kuwait, Egypt, England and USA. He has represented many world brands and made their promotion in the middle east and the world. He also had an active rol in promoting countries such as New Zealand, Greece, Cyprus Greek Part, Bahrain, Kuwait and Turkey.Out of 4300 shorts he has produced, almost 4000 are TV and cinema commercials produced in Turkey and in countries other than Turkey. From Arabic to Russian, From English to Urdu, many commercials were realized in various languages.
We can list down a few that comes to forward such as:












Some of hid works

Akbank - Uğur böceği - Yapi Kredi Leylek ailesi - Raid Hürriyet - Güneş Gazetesi - Dunya Gazetesi - Aymar - Ulker - Mr. Muscle - Off - Bankekspres - Bank of Kuwait - British Bank of the Middle East - Vakifbank - Ogretmenler Bankasi - Sumerbank - Sealtest - Jawad Stores - Danish Dairy - Sony - Hitachi - Toshiba - BMW - Renault - Volvo - Aksu - Haliser - Elvan - Ipana - Nivea - Lobi - Çiti - Misafir Kolonyalari - Cathay Pacific - Raks - Marc - Soli - İzocam Patsito - Farm Chicken - Alsa Fruits - Blue Jean - Okey - Silver Soba