By the beginning of 2000, he formed MARTI for a better oraganization of producing of animated cartoons and software. He moved to a wider office that is technically more developed. From here, he started producing TV series and feature animation as well as high level artificial intelligence software for the world market.
As an extension of the MARTI in Turkey, MARTI US was formed but however, after forming the Aniventure, the use of this company was obsolete therefore it was closed down.

It was unavoidable to form a company in the heart of the film and cinema industry and ANIVENTURE was established for this reason. Dana Walker and Greg Barr were his two partners in this company whose main target was marketing the real time animation software written by himself. The works of this company is practised in full speed, penetrating the software industry, forming bonds with the major names and companies of the world and preparing a grand project for the near future.


When he moved back to Turkey, he formed ARTNET and speeded up his works. Besides the animation, he opened an art gallery. He brought in the first graphic computers and started writing software. Through this studio, he performed most of his works. Besides many series for the television, he published books, magazines and wrote software. He started his works for the world market and receieved many awards as ARTNET. His signature expands from the celebrations of 23rd of April in the United Nations, to the inter-school activities. While entering the year 2000, he closed down ARTNET to form a better organized MARTI.