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COMPISHCO is the first true AI engine that can talk with people, chat by all means, from simple helps to philosopy, from writing music to sophisticated, intelligent conversations. It can control the computer and the environment via speaking instead of typing and mouse clicks, has an understanding of all aspects of life and human behaviour. COMPISHCO has moods and personal(?) decisions, very temperamental and never forgets. It remembers every second the computer is on and collects information just like us,by using the internet or asking people who enter the room, to update and teach himself. It can be accessed via any simple cellular phone and can store gigantic masses of information in tiny spaces. It knows and decides how to behave in certain conditions. Even when we are asleep, it may decide to go and make a research on an idea it just feels like exploring. COMPISHCO, just like a human being has personality and life cycle that only he wants to control. It is the FUTURE of MANKIND.