Tombik and B.B.

TOMBIK & B.B., two very busy little bees, are ready to take young viewers on a journey of fun, learning and excitement.
Along the journey we will encounter a fantastical colorful world filled with puzzles, songs and fun-facts.
There are 104 episodes with slight but interesting variations between the first 52 and the second. Each episode presents many different puzzles designed to stimulate a child’s thought process and develop creativity as well.

The child will be asked to put pieces of a puzzle together, identify the pair, partake in other memory enhancing games and will certainly enjoy visits from Dr. McCOOL - always ready to espouse an interesting scientific fun-fact! PUZZLE-A-SAURUS is always on hand to put together another challenging riddle. CLUECAT is already ready to join in on the fun and provide helpful clues and hints to help solve the puzzles. Other characters include TONGO the friendly bear accompanied by his mischievous sidekick FIRKETE, not to mention the resident house band – The BUGGIES! Young children will be captivated and thoroughly entertained by this cast of characters and the combination of 2D and 3D artwork only adds to the appeal. 


Magica and the Puzzle Plaza

A Bewitcing Journey of Fun, Learning and Adventure!
Magica stars a mischievous magician and her curious bird side-kick Gossip, who guide viewers through an animated educational adventure.
Magica and Gossip live in Puzzle Plaza, an amusement park-like, colorful place situated on a tiny planet between the earth and the moon.

Magica presides over hundreds of Puzzle Plaza Workers, called WhatWhats who work all day conjuring and preparing questions, trivia and puzzles for Magica viewers.
Magica and Gossip gleefully guide viewers through a series of questions designed to teach and encourage learning. Children will be asked to use logic and memory in a variety of fun and entertaining segments. Joining Magica in the fun are Ant-eye, an ant attached to a tiny camera which broadcasts every detail, G.Whizzard, an amorphic manager of the plaza and the Rrrapid mouse, a sneaky rodent who from time to time steals clues to the Puzzle Plaza questions.
Magica utilizes 2D computer generated animation mixed with live action shots and clay animation, creating a series in step with today’s most advanced animation.


The Cartuna Show

The CARTUNA SHOW is a lively children’s variety program dedicated to providing a non-violent, entertaining alternative in children’s programming.
The CARTUNA SHOW focuses on the positive goals of learning new things, self respect, tolerance of others, concern for the environment and artistic self expression.
The CARTUNA SHOW promises to entertain children worldwide with its unique blend of entertainment and education.


Rotto Botto Robotto


Covering subjects from history and science to art and literature, Rotto Botto provides a blend of education and entertainment in a unique and universal style.
Kids just want to have fun and that’s exactly what they do with Rotto Botto, the 52 x 30’ animated game show, without noticing they get educated.

Featuring the futuristic and computerized host, Rotto Botto, who’s quick wit and calculating computer chips always leave the contestants and the audience entertained and informed.

The three clever and cunning contestants, Bernardo the Dog, Ali the Rat and Black Jack the Crow, always give Rotto Botto and the audience a lot of laughs and sometimes even the correct answer to the questions!



In the world of worms, Esop and Joselina are the heroes of a non-human environment. Esop is a little boy worm and Joselina is his sweetheart. Within their small world, they live all the emotional stages that we do. Their friends Regony, Zeki P. Hamilton, Sumita, Stretch, Sobo and Helmo, reflecting various human types add a lot to the stories. Based on the comic strips and books by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz, Esop films carry on a philosophical atmosphere.



An award winning animated package of fillers that will fill you with delight. QUICKEASE is a compilation of 120 x 15” – 3’ shorts, totalling
a hilarious two hours of entertainment which can be adapted to broadcaster’s needs. Every short contains a variety of adorable and outrageous characters in a host of humorous situations. Containing no dialog, only music and sound effects, making broadcasting extremely simple.

Captain Tripp and Sealyboy.....................................................


Captain Tripp is an old Pelican. He has dedicated himself to the seven seas and now he’s sailing again, with his loyal sailor friend, Sealyboy the seal, to fulfill his surprise assignment. As he sails, he collects various stuff from the countries he visits, to put together for his mission that will be revealed at the last episode.

The children that watch this program will join in, trying to guess the assignment.
Every week, the owners of the most successful guesses will be invited to the program. He has a sailboat that can be converted into funny designs. A truly Geographical series, CAPTAIN TRIPP and SEALYBOY is a blend of live action and animation a unque composition of adventure, curiosity and wit. As the animation is completely produced in computers, the live action covers the original footage shot at locations worldwide.

Buzz Mc Fly and Mc Flea

BuzzMcFLY is a little reporter fly who lives in the attic of a newspaper building.
With the help of his sidekick McFLEA, the flea, goes to gather news and details where men can hardly enter. They explore the world of animals, science and technology and extreme sports.
Their existence is only known by the editor of the newspaper and he contacts them via a special phone line. Then, BuzzMcFLY and McFLEA fly to gather the news.



Zig and Zag are two friends, always in competition, asking puzzles and riddles to each other. They ask five puzzles in every episode, trying to win. Naturally, the young viewers test themselves too trying to answer what they see on the screen.
In their surreal environment, besides the puzzles, they challenge each other on a certain subject.
The series is all 3D computer animation.


The Scarecrow and the Butterfly

One of the early computer animation products. A scarecrow becomes friends with a butterfly and they experience the fields and nature together.
This series was produced by TRT, Turkish Radio and Television, as TRT shot the real action, the animation was produced in the computer and superimposed by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz.


Yok Yok TV

YOK YOK TV is a small TV station run buy puppets. In this series of many alternative puppets, a dense work was done to apply high level technology into a massive production. To receive satisfying results, even micro-cameras were used to shoot radio control puppets as well as hand puppets, trying new techniques.
Nurveous Parrot Director, Fox Make-up girl, Cow sound engineer and Gorilla cameraman were the most outstanding characters of the series.
YOK YOk TV was produced for TRT and 127 puppets and 38 sets were used.


Busy Buzzy

BUSY BUZZY is a little animated bee that hosts a show of ten parts. Each part represents an art field, like paintings, music, literature etc. As BUSY BUZZY flies through these segments, he asks the viewers some questions and ask for solutions to certain problems.
This series was first produced for Canada but then in Turkish for Turkey.
BUSY BUZZY was honored with “the best film” award by the ministry of culture in 1992, in Turkey.





JEHA was a series of 10 minute episodes that took JEHA as the main character. JEHA is the common hero who lived in the past, in the middle east where most of the countries claim he lived there. He is known to be very wise and humorous.
In this series, JEHA was brought to the 20th century and made solve problems caused by the computers and new technology.


Nasrettin Hoca

One of the early animation productions of Ali Murat Erkorkmaz. Ten episodes of NASRETTIN HOCA was used in these half animation, half pictolation series. NASRETTIN HOCA was an old time hero who lived in Anatolia in the 15th century. His stories are still told in Turkey and the aim of this series was to highlight his outstanding wisdom.


Good Morning

GOOD MORNING was the first animated series done for the TRT, Turkish Radio and Television’s Sunday morning program, Good Morning. It consisted of small episodes and animated commercials that covered non-brand subjects from drinking milk to vaccination.


Hazir Fazir

HAZIR FAZIR was the first series Ali Murat Erkorkmaz had produced when he started his studio in Bahrain. It was base for the coming series of Rotto Botto.
In HAZIR FAZIR, three animals were competing in a quiz show where the questions were asked by a boy. It was prepared in Arabic and English.


Shasha Saghira

Shasha Saghira is a variety show that covers many segments from puppet clips to animated stories.
As the program arrows points to a certain segment, a new color of animation, a new style is formed on the screen. There are many songs sang by puppets in every episode.
This series was produced in Arabic and English.


Babum show

BABUM SHOW was produced for Turkey’s number one TV channel, ATV. It was a Saturday morning show that was hosted by a live girl together with an animated Gorilla. The scenes were shot in real time, three camera shooting. A special artificial intelligence program was written for this show which enabled BABUM, the gorilla to form its own actions depending on the girls gestures. The animation was produced in real time, which was a first in the world. Some celebreties visited the show every week to chat with BABUM. Some even sang and played some instruments with him.
The show also covered clay animation, computer news and animated musical clips.


The Buggies

Back by popular demand, the cutest little creatures ever to play music have compiled their greatest hits in a series of 26 songs. These internationally famous insects perform their infectious songs to sold out audiences.
Dobug, Rebug, Mibug, Fabug and Solbug are the members of this group which produces modern and intellectual songs for children.
The Buggies are one group of bugs you don’t want to exterminate!


Eftah ya semsem

Eftah ya Semsem was the Arabic version of the Sesame Street, produced by the Children’s Television Workshop in Kuwait. Ali Murat Erkorkmaz produced the animated segments of this series.


Bekir. Tekir and the Jails

Back by popular demand, the cutest little creatures ever to play music have compiled their greatest hits in a series of 26 songs. These internationally famous insects perform their infectious songs to sold out audiences.
Dobug, Rebug, Mibug, Fabug and Solbug are the members of this group which produces modern and intellectual songs for children.
The Buggies are one group of bugs you don’t want to exterminate!

BEKIR, TEKIR and the TAILS is a rock group of cats. They sing intellectual songs for children, covering subjects from Zoo problems to Granma’s Tango.


Hands up

This is a group of animated shorts produced for the weekly TV show “Eller Yukarý”, in Turkey. The segments were consisted of animations related to the live action magazine parts of the show.



The adaptation of Orhan Boran’s famous fictious character YUKI to the TV screen. This series was produced using real time 2 D animation technology, overlaying the pre-recorded live scenes. The scripts were taken from the early radio program where YUKI, the rabbit-like cartoon character was interacting with Orhan Boran. However, because of the marketing problems, it couldn’t hit the screen.



This series was produced for ISKI, water supply division of the Municipality of Istanbul. The aim of the series was to teach children how the water is supplied and it should be handled. Damlacýk, the little droplet, with the help of his grandpa, Dededamla, was going through an adventure full of water.




Produced for TRT, Turkish Radio and Television, Chitlembik was a series of animated shorts that took place in a live action magazine program for young adults. Chitlembik futured a young girl who went through various episodes, each one ending up with a gag.


How Toon

HOWTOON is a series of live action and animation where Ali Murat Erkorkmaz appears in the screen, in front of a big drawing pad and starts teaching the viewers how to draw caricatures of animals in very simple lines and circles. After he completes the drawings in approximately 3 minutes, the lines come to life and go through a funny gag. During the drawing, Ali Murat Erkorkmaz also gives some information about that animal.





Here is a full classical orchestra playing songs for children. From the woodwinds to the arches, a complete orchestra. The funny side of the whole thing is this orchestra is composed of puppets. With every instrument constructed to its finest detail, this tiny group of musicians play standard classical music as well as music composed by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz.


No to Memorize

This series was created for the “White Dot Foundation” to back the anti-memorize movements in the schools and houses of the Turkish society. Caricaturizing the former minister of culture, Týnaz Titiz, our cartoon hero jumps out of the pencil box of a student, inspiring her on why she should suspect and wonder all the things that are thought to her. The student is shot in live action and Mr. Titiz is in cartoon form.



is a one and a half hour animated future episode, Ali Murat Erkorkmaz’s first cinema production try.
A lot of good animators worked in this project but due to the crisis that took place in the second half of the 70’s, by using wrong chemicals.
The negatives of this film were damaged badly in the labs, thus causing the project to stop.


Woody and May....


WOODY and MAY is an animated acrtoon future film about two children of different cultures meeting in a forest area in the Taurus mountains, Turkey. Woody can talk to the animals and May is the daughter of an American engineer who is there to explore the woods and report if an industrial plant can be put there.

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Depremdede and doga

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After the earthquakes that shook Turkey in 1999, Ali Murat Erkorkmaz made this cartoon series to educate children on how to face such disasters. The series was made of three parts. Part one was about how to get prepared for a potential earthquake, second, what to do during the earthquake, and third, what has to be done after the shakes. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Mete Isikara supervised the project as his character was used as the major cartoon figure. He tried to help two children, Meltem and Yildirim who tried to form a rescue team together with their cat, Doga.

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