Imagine a country where there are no flags, no borders, no religion and no limits to thoughts. The only stop sign in this land is for violence and for crime.

All the habitants of this land are free to live, free to think and free to talk. They can choose to work or to sleep. Whenever they want to..

They don't have to get educated on what other people want them to learn. They can educate and train themselves on whatever they want to. They can develop on the fields that attracts them.

Art is welcome. All cultures are welcome. Children are welcome. Elderly are welcome. Everyone is welcome.

One is free to live, work, produce and share.

This place is called FUTURIYA !

This is not a computer game. This IS the very first virtual state where people can do whatever they do in the real world. They can have their works, their fun, have their friends, do their shoppings, watch films, open shops, museums, schools and fulfill their dreams where they can't on real life.

This is the place where people can prove themselves if they want to. Or they can just sit back and enjoy the minds of others.

You can be selected as one of the leaders, teachers or governors of Futuria. You can open artshops, attend meetings, meet other people that think like you or just the opposite. You can be a president or a scientist. As long as you can convince the people of FUTURIYA, as long as you can prove your point, you are what you want to be.

This is the land for the artists, the scientists, the writers, the designers, the filmakers and philosophers. This is the country for the young and fresh minds.

On the first second of year 2001,FUTURIYA will declare its existance. Join FUTURIYA and live the future.

I, Ali Murat ERKORKMAZ declare the state of FUTURIYA has gained its independence starting from the 1st of January, 2001.. Anyone who wants to visit this new country, become a citizen or whatsoever is welcome as long as they don't bring in violence, racism, terror and fresh fruit and vegetables and currencies more than 100 futs.

I'll bless you all.... .....anyway..!

Ali Murat ERKORKMAZ the first

President of the Republic of FUTURIYA

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