This also is a game developed to be played via telephone lines. When the child calls the TV station, in real time and live program, he can control the actions of a caveman that has to travel from one end of the Valley of Dinosaurs to the cave at the other end. He meets all kinds of funny dinos that he has to pass by. A very amusing game that is heavily equipped with all kinds of funny actions and sound effects.



Pino is a game that children can play via their telephone keys as the program is broadcasted. The story is about a young animated cartoon boy named Pino who acts as the main actor in a circus. The children can call the studio and talk to Pino in real time and control Pino's actions and make him do all the tricky actions that can happen in a circus, such as making the lions jump through flaming frames, the trapeze or even the clowns.



TONGO, is the story of a bear who is trying to move some fruit from one side of the river to the other. The only way he can do that is to step and jump over some turtles. This game also is played in live broadcast via punching the telephone keys. The child who wants to play the game can call the TV station and join the game, then control the actions of Tongo pressing the phone keys.