Newspaper Works

Besides making caricatures and drawing comic strips for the newspapers and magazines, Ali Murat Erkorkmaz has been involved in the production of two newspapers in Turkey.

Dunya cocuk
This was a daily 8 page newspaper targeted at the primary school children. The whole thing was produced from scratch to the print in Moda studios. It went for almost a year and when the mother DUNYA nespaper collapsed, this had to stop too. It had many specially created cartoon strips, educational pages, stories and interviews and many well known artists worked there.

Hurriyet Bonbon
was a Saturday humor supplement for the number one daily newspaper of Turkey, Hurriyet. Most of the paper was created by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz, with comic strips, humorous caricatures and stories targeted at the high school children and the grown up. It was beginning of an era, where afterwards other newspapers started releasing same kind of supplements and magazines such as GIRGIR and FIRT.