There are over 2000 pieces of software written by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz, most of them small utilities for personal or office use. The streamline of the software design covers artificial intelligence programming with applications in daily life and business level. For that purpose, some of the software written by Ali Murat Erkorkmaz is related directly to the vertical arena of art and industry, such as designing artwork for animation, simulating a classical music composer or forming graphical designs and getting them weaved automatically for the carpet industry.


Ahmet Renderer

This small piece of software is a utility for 3DMAX. It is a batch renderer which can make 3DMAX render multiple characters without reloading everytime one is finished. It will render each animation to required size, frames, format and name. It is not a plug-in but a stand-alone utility.

Cartoon Editor



MAXIMATOR is a 3D artificial program that can read a script, pick the characters and the sound files that go with that and form the animation. It also gives the animator flexibility to implement his own taste in the final animation. It can read a script and do a whole feature film in couple of seconds. Then it generates a small code to be sent to 3DMAX to get rendered. MAXIMATOR handles sound files, AVI files along with text files and forms a connection among the three different sources. Then it looks at the scenes from a filmmakers point of view and creates the screenplay from which it prepares the positioning of the characters, camera angles, lip sync, various actions such as dance, walk,run and the facial expressions, moods and reactions of every character to certain actions on the screen. Even the eye positioning and the blinks are done automatically.


Animpression - Dubara - Gap- Kanal - E-motion - Ahmet Renderer - Oynatici - Edit Medit - House - YachtDesigner - Animation Fast - Carpet Fast - Textile Fast - Architecture Fast - Arttex

Magical diskettes

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