ROBISAPIEN is an AI based project which will serve as a bridge between the children of the world. It can be addressed as “FACEBOOK of children and toys”. Both the children and toys will be able to talk to each other, make research and play games through a channel that would run on mobile devices. Toys with Artificial intelligence and curiosity will be friends to children and will be able to carry on conversations also among themselves in more than 100 languages. Toy of a child will recognize toys of other children. They will help children with their homework and in their cultural development. In case of an emergency, they will be able to call the parents, hospital, police or the firemen. 

  • Based on custom AI algorithm, “CURIOTRIX”
  • Light and modular code for easier updates
  • Code that will learn and create its own rules within time
  • Code will occupy just a few megabytes in the device memory and any smart phone or tablet will be able to run it.
  • No computer inside the toys. They use WI-FI link and make use of the capabilities of a mobile device
  • Several toys can get connected via a single device
  • Update will be done to the device, thus no security problems
  • Simple construction elements for easier and cheaper production
  • Exchangeable body and head parts for personalization and character formation
  • Basic simple electronics will be used
  • Custom server system
  • WI-FI based connections
  • All device mobile systems are acceptable
  • Different servers for different countries will be connected to the main system.
  • Toy based communication web among the children of the whole world
  • Forming a ROBISAPIEN club
  • Educational approach
  • Do-It-Yourself kits
  • Competitions and games
  • Series for TV and Internet
  • Games of ROBISAPIEN
  • Developing the technology for further projects