Ali Murat Erkorkmaz has done several projects for various platforms.


He has designed and built 11 sailboats and motor yachts from a dinghy to 16 berth sailboat. He also has built a small submarine that was not permitted to dive.


A theme park built for Kandilli Observatory that children can visit and experience earthquake simulations in classrooms, house, and other environments. Robotic controlled systems would educate the visitors.


A Project that was designed as a theme Park on nature. A building that could communicate with visitors would also work as an operational center for disasters in Istanbul. This Project is still pending.


“Academy of Future Arts and Sciences” was one the major projects he has worked on. Taking place in Yalova, this school was aimed for educating 100 poor children every year as artists and scientists of tomorrow. Though premises were finished, the government did not give licence to operate.


He has built thousands of toys mostly for his children, some simple, some computer driven.


Ali Murat Erkorkmaz has taught in several universities, from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul Ticaret University, Sabancı Üniversitesi, Yıldız Teknik Üniversitesi, Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi to Dogus. He has attended as lecturer in many Universities, also worldwide, from England, Egypt to United States. Subjects varied from architecture, animation to software engineering.


He attended hundreds of panels and conferences worldwide. From political to science and arts, from Televisions to newspapers and magazines. He was known for his bridge approach between different disciplines.


He took part as either founder or member in several foundations worldwide from “Heart Foundation of Turkey” to “Disabled Arabic Children”.


He has acted as “Honorary Counselor for Turkey” in Bahrain for 3 years and “Honorary Counselor for New Zealand” in Turkey for one year.  He has also acted as “Adviser to the Ministry of Culture” in Turkey.