TOMBIK & B.B., two very busy little bees, are ready to take young viewers on a journey of fun, learning and excitement. Along the journey we will encounter a fantastical colorful world filled with puzzles, songs and fun-facts. There are 156 episodes each of which presents many different puzzles designed to stimulate a child’s thought process and develop creativity as well.

The child will be asked to put pieces of a puzzle together, identify the pair, partake in other memory enhancing games and.will certainly enjoy visits from Dr. McCOOL – always ready to espouse an interesting scientific fun-fact! PUZZLEA-SAURUS is always on hand to put together another challenging riddle. CLUECAT is already ready to join in on the fun and provide helpful.clues and hints to help solve the puzzles. Other characters include TONGO the friendly bear.accompanied by his mischievous sidekick FIRKETE, not to mention the resident house band – The BUGGIES! Young children will be.captivated and thoroughly entertained by this cast of characters.and the combination of 2D and 3D artwork only adds to the appeal