Ali Murat Erkorkmaz can play many of the musical instruments from piano to banjo and writes music for most of his films. He also writes (tries) classical style music pieces and pop/rock songs. He writes the lyrics as well, both in Turkish and English. He used to perform in many rock bands in his high school and university years and gave concerts both as a rock guitarist and a folk singer, playing the banjo. Some groups he played with can be named as the Blackboots, Murat and Mertol and the Folk Trio. 

He also played the double bass and the piano in the Jazz band of Istanbul Technical University and played together with many famous artists and rock bands of 1970’s. He has 2 concertos for the piano, many sonatas for the piano, violin and the guitar. He formed two rock groups call ‘Bekir, Tekir and the Tails (Cats)’ and ‘the Buggies (Bugs)’ as animated cartoon rock bands and wrote hundreds of songs for them.
He also has many film scores.

Besides his works for his own productions, he has many music videos for the celebrities.