A Bewitcing Journey of Fun, Learning and Adventure! Magica stars a mischievous magician and her curious bird side-kick Gossip, who guide viewers through an animated educational adventure. Magica and Gossip live in Puzzle Plaza, an amusement park-like, colorful place situated on a tiny planet between the earth and the moon.

Magica presides over hundreds of Puzzle Plaza Workers, called WhatWhats who work all day conjuring and preparing questions, trivia and puzzles for Magica viewers. Magica and Gossip gleefully guide viewers through a series of questions designed to teach and encourage learning. Children will be asked to use logic and memory in a variety of fun and entertaining segments. Joining Magica in the fun are Ant-eye, an ant attached to a tiny camera which broadcasts every detail, G.Whizzard, an amorphic manager of the plaza and the Rrrapid mouse, a sneaky rodent who from time to time steals clues to the Puzzle Plaza questions. Magica utilizes 2D computer generated animation mixed with live action shots and clay animation, creating a series in step with today’s most advanced animation.